Our Story

Welcome to Willow and Bow!

Founded in 2021, Willow and Bow Boutique offers a unique, best quality selection of carefully curated gift baskets and boxes that celebrate the newborns and toddlers in your life. Our passion is creating one of a kind luxury gifts that feature a charming assortment of baby apparel and accessories - each gift inspired with love and creativity.

Other than having a friend who named their child Willow (we love that name!) we have no other unique story to tell about choosing the name Willow and Bow. As it turns out though, the “willow” is a symbol of fertility and new life. A willow tree branch can be planted in the ground and from it, a new tree will grow in its place. Its ability to grow and survive is powerfully symbolic and shows how humans can thrive even in challenging conditions. The “bow” has long been seen as a symbol that conveys the joy and enthusiasm for the birth of a child, and in some cultures a blue or pink bow is hung on a door, expressing the happiness that accompanies the arrival of a new life in the family. In England the “welcome baby” tradition uses the bow to announce the birth of a child whom the community welcomes.

Whether you are celebrating the announcement, the arrival, or a little one’s special milestone, Willow and Bow is excited to help you acknowledge and celebrate these special moments!